Wheel Modification Service Yatala

Dr Wheels offers the best quality wheel modification service in Yatala, by experienced and qualified engineering tradesmen. No matter your vehicle or wheel type, we can repair and modify your wheels on time and on budget, to your exact specifications, thanks to our qualified, experienced and knowledgeable tradesmen. With over 10 years of industry experience, Dr Wheels is located in Yatala, halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but with help from our freight partners, we are capable of serving customers right across Australia. With our quality workmanship and superior customer service, your damaged vehicle wheels can be restored to look like new in no time!

Do you have a unique or tricky wheel modification? At Dr Wheels, we pride ourselves on being able to do the jobs that others can’t! Available for both alloy wheels and steel wheels, our qualified engineering tradesmen are second-to-none when it comes to diagnosing, modifying and customising your vehicle’s wheels. Your wheels will be attended to by a qualified fitter and turner with years of experience using specialised machines. Our range of wheel modification services in Yatala, include but are not limited to widening and narrowing, custom made hub rings, machining the centre bore, machining the back pad and stud pattern changes/redrill. We’re passionate about achieving your desired result – just ask!

What are you waiting for? Achieve your dream wheels today with Dr Wheels premium quality wheel modification services in Yatala. For more information, please call our friendly team today on 0408 993 761 or simply fill out our online enquiry form. 

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