Wheel Stud Pattern Change Brisbane

Seeking affordable and quality wheel stud pattern changes in Brisbane? Dr Wheels has been repairing and customising wheels on the Gold Coast since the beginning of 2006. With a workshop based in Yatala, and freight options available, Dr Wheels now services customers all over Australia – from Darwin in the Northern Territory, to Perth in Western Australia and Adelaide in South Australia. At Dr Wheels, we pride ourselves on being able to do the jobs that others can’t! Our dedicated team of Qualified Engineering Tradesmen will take care of fixing your damaged wheels, utilising specialised machines to get the best possible results. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves!


If you’re looking to customise your wheels, Dr Wheels’ wheel stud pattern change service in Brisbane is the perfect solution for you. For alloy wheels only, we can undertake professional stud pattern changes. Depending on your preference, our team can either drill blank wheels, or redrill and insert to change the stud pattern.  Simply contact our friendly team to enquire about the particular change you require – while we endeavour to make your customisation dreams a reality, some changes can’t be made.


And with Dr Wheels, your wheel stud pattern change in Brisbane is affordable! We keep our prices down by specialising in what we do best – structural repairs. That means you’ll need to get your tyres removed before you bring your wheels in. All our savings are passed directly onto you in highly competitive pricing. Call Dr Wheels today on 0408 993 761 and be amazed at what we can do for your wheels!

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