3 Piece Wheel Separation Brisbane

Are you looking for a quality and affordable 3 piece wheel separation Brisbane? Operating out of our Yatala workshop, halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Dr Wheels is the ultimate provider in wheel repairs and wheel modifications in Brisbane. At Dr Wheels, we pride ourselves on being able to do the jobs that others can’t! Thanks to our dedicated team of Qualified Engineering Tradesmen (Fitter & Turner), we’re able to perform unique wheel repairs and customisation, including gutter scrape, bent wheels, cracked wheels, missing sections rebuild, widening and narrowing, stud pattern changes and more! And with thanks to our freight partners, Dr Wheels is able to service customers right across Australia.

To enable ultimate wheel repair and customisation, Dr Wheels offers a 3 piece wheel separation service in Brisbane. With help from specialised equipment, our experienced Engineering Tradesmen can separate, reassemble, retention and reseal your wheels – all to your desired specifications. At Dr Wheels, we specialise in what we do best – structural repairs. And thanks to our cost efficient business structure, our savings are passed onto you in the form of affordable 3 piece wheel separation services and more.

You only need to see Dr Wheels wide range of loyal clients to know that our work is the best in the industry. Serving the wheel and tyre industry, race teams, and the general public, our quality work is trusted and appreciated.

Don’t put off your wheel customisation any longer. Contract Dr Wheels today and find out how our 3 piece wheel separation Brisbane can make your wheel ideas a reality!

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