Affordable Wheel Modification Service Australia

Do your new wheels sit a little too far out compared to stock? Perhaps you need to change the stud pattern of a wheel or machine the centre bore? Or maybe you just wish your 3 piece wheels were that little bit wider. Dr Wheels provide an affordable wheel modification service in Australia to cater to  your needs.

Improve the overall look and performance of your pride and joy by customising your wheels to suit. At Dr Wheels, our facilities allow you to achieve the offset you want, along with the width, even down to changing the stud pattern in some cases! Our wheel modification service in Australia doesn’t stop at steel and alloy single piece wheels, we also cater for 3 piece wheels as well.

Aftermarket wheels may not be a perfect fit for your car, and may require modification to safely drive on. We employ fully Qualified Engineering Tradesmen who carry out Dr Wheels’ work to an expert standard, meaning you get a quality result every time. Our affordable wheel modification service in Australia includes the following options:

  • Widening and Narrowing
  • Offset Changes
  • Stud pattern changes/redrill
  • Centre Bore Machining
  • Custom Made Hub Rings
  • 3 Piece Wheel Separation & Reassembly

Get your wheels sitting perfectly with Dr Wheels, call us today on 0417 635 916 for a quote!

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