Custom Made Hub Rings Australia

Most car enthusiasts aren’t aware that many aftermarket wheels require a hub ring adaptor to properly fit to your car. Without them, the weight of the car rests on the wheel studs alone, which aren’t engineered for a load that significant! Keep your family, fellow commuters and yourself safe with Dr Wheels’ custom made hub rings in Australia.

A car’s weight is designed to be distributed to each wheel by the hub mating perfectly into the centre bore of the wheel. Without a hub ring to fill the void between hub and bore, the mass of the car is taken up by the wheel studs, which are not designed for those forces.  Replacing damaged studs can be very expensive!

Don’t risk the safety of your loved ones, road users, yourself, or even your pride and joy, ensure your wheels fit perfectly with Dr Wheels. Our expertly designed and machined custom made hub rings in Australia provide the perfect fit every time.

We employ Qualified Engineering Tradesmen who fabricate custom made hub rings in Australia to an expert standard, meaning you get a quality result every time.

With a workshop located in Yatala, we’re the perfect choice for locals located as far north as the Sunshine Coast, as south as the Gold Coast and every where in between. Better still, our highly sought after services are also offered Australia-wide thanks to our reliable freight partners!

Get your wheels sitting perfectly with Dr Wheels, call us today on 0408 993 761 for a quote!

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