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Dr Wheels is the ultimate provider of custom made hub rings in Brisbane. Located in Yatala, halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we’ve been repairing and modifying wheels for 10 years and pride ourselves on offering the best quality workmanship by experienced and Qualified Engineering Tradesmen!

At Dr Wheels, we know our customers are eager to get back on the road quickly, which is why we work hard to deliver the best results in the shortest time frame possible, without compromising on quality or safety. But don’t worry, our service won’t cost the earth. We specialise in what we do best – structural repairs – which helps us keep costs down. The savings are past directly onto you in highly competitive quotes.

Looking for unique wheel modifications or custom made hub rings in Brisbane? At Dr Wheels, where there’s a wheel, there’s a way! We pride ourselves on being able to do the jobs others can’t. You’ll find a service to fix even the trickiest job, including widening and narrowing, stud pattern changes/redrill, machine the centrebore and back pad and more. Looking for even more customisation for your ride? Dr Wheels has the solution with our custom made hub rings, filling the empty space between the wheel hub and the centre bore.  Talk to our friendly staff today – we’re committed to making your dream design a reality.

Dr Wheels serve a wide range of clients, from the wheel and tyre industry, to race teams, and the general public. Our trusted reputation for quality work means you can rest assured we’ll deliver the very best results. For quality wheel modifications and custom made hub rings in Brisbane, look no further than Dr Wheels – call our friendly team 0408 993 761 to find out more today!

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