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The benefit of using a trained professional for all your wheel repair needs! 

Just as musicians deal in the art of music & lyrics; and writers in the art of literature; A Dr. Wheels’ Qualified Engineering Tradesman (Fitter & Turner) deals in the art of metal and machinery.  With a 4 ½ tonne lathe, a 2 ½ lathe and a 1 tonne milling machine that require flawless comprehension and skill, this truly is a job reserved for the highly skilled and qualified.

Dr Wheels has earned its reputation as one of Brisbane’s and the Gold Coast’s leading providers in wheel repairs and modifications, due to the wealth of experience and knowledge of our Engineering Tradesman (Fitter and Turner).  In simple terms, their job requires the setup of machinery to enable the manufacture of products, the repair and replacement of components and the design and modification of existing parts.

Yet, the question still remains- why is it important to use an Qualified Engineering Tradesman (Fitter & Turner) when it comes to wheel modification and repair, rather than attempting a ‘DIY’ project or using an unqualified repairer with little experience or understanding of the machines and different aluminum compounds?

What many people don’t realise is that this is not a skill that can be learnt overnight, rather, it is a compilation of years’ worth of training, knowledge, experience and undoubtedly trial and error. As such, the benefit of using a Qualified Engineering Tradesman (Fitter & Turner) is that they are skilled in:

  • Understanding machinery and different metal compounds
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Variance and tolerances
  • Associated dangers and risks

So, why should you trust a Dr Wheels’ tradesman for your wheel related problems?

Understanding machinery and metal

Experienced engineering tradesmen have a profound understanding of not only how machinery operates, but also how metal works and reacts in different situations and at different temperatures.  At Dr Wheels, your Qualified Engineering Tradesman is trained to use specialty tooling on the lathes & milling machine to ensure your wheel is shaped perfectly round and all work is accurate. If this particular task is not done properly it can result in a wheel that won’t fit your car, or a poor repair can create a vibration in your car which can cause excessive wear and tear or premature or irregular wear on your tyres and an uncomfortable ride, meaning you may have to get your car serviced and/or tyres replaced more frequently.

Accuracy, Precision, Variance & Tolerances

Accuracy and precision are vital when it comes to modifying and repairing wheels, and as such, our Qualified Engineering Tradesmen are aware of the importance of having no variance when it comes to spinning wheels. Therefore, only experienced and Qualified Engineering Tradesmen know how to properly mount a wheel on a lathe, to ensure that it is machined accurately; allows for accurate tolerance to fit your car, and does not cause damage to the machinery; or jeopardize the safety of the workers. It’s important to recognise the dangers associated with this line of work, and as such, skill and experience are at the core of what makes a great Engineering Tradesman.

Many qualified engineering Tradesmen do not weld. However, our experienced Engineering Tradesmen have extensive welding experience in mig welding (both steel & aluminium), tig welding and arc welding- offering a variety of services from custom rim modification right through to rim repair & gutter scrape on  steel and aluminium wheels. This often requires repairing the aluminum, which is an extremely tricky metal to weld. We are a one stop shop that offers solutions to all of your wheel related problems.

At Dr Wheels, professionalism and skill are second nature to what we do. In fact, the old saying “near enough is good enough” is simply not in our vocabulary as we deal in precision. If you’re going to do a job you have to do it right in the world of wheel repair and modification. Not only do we pride ourselves on our years of experience, we aim to continually add new skills that will benefit our customers.

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